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My cell phone will do what?!

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courtesy of supakitmod/

courtesy of supakitmod/

Well, it has finally happened. My first text message was sent this week. In spite of the fact that I am usually drawn to new technology, I have always been resistant when it comes to phone use. Phones have seemed a complication beyond the simple calls to keep up with family and friends. A couple of weeks ago, however, I began to see an abundance of ads for cell phone plans…all much more economical than mine. So I headed to my Verizon store and asked what it would cost to get out of my contract. The person I approached looked me up in their system and announced I was due for a new phone. When I replied that it had not been 2 years, he said he could see that but that I had qualified. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I listened to what he could offer (unlimited talk and text with a 250MB data plan) for only $5.00 more than my old 450 minute plan; and I left with a shiny new smart phone to replace my old dumb phone (with a cute little slide-out keyboard that I never once used), for which they gave me $50 credit on my account. I doubted I would use it much differently, but what a pretty red phone!

Now it’s 2 weeks later and I am blown away. Today I bought groceries at Meijer’s by holding it up to a special spot on the pay stand! This would be a good place for a helpful video, but just see your provider and when you are done getting a great new deal, you can ask how to do that.

Please comment on your favorite app…we all want to learn.


Author: Marci

Having first retired from social work in 2008, I've now had time to work through seasons of all play, and seasons of part-time work, while I figured out how best to make use of my "golden" years. The internet provides so much assistance in finding unlimited ideas related to finances, hobbies, travel and staying healthy, but I soon found my passion in quilting. The vast array of techniques have resulted in seeing inspiration everywhere, and practice is always rewarded with improved skills. Of course, grandchildren and family still get priority, but I see this as a pursuit that will remain interesting into my old age.

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