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If You Haven’t Yet Tried Pinterest…

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image courtesy of michaya kiatying-angsulee/

image courtesy of michaya kiatying-angsulee/

This will be a perfect afternoon for exploring Pinterest, if there are still some few of you who have not yet been exposed. Here in the mid-west it is STILL frigid and snowy. I’ve been out and it was fine. I brought home food for my hungry birds and squirrels. But now I’m COLD, and am content to sit in the warmth and watch them. My coffee is nearby and life is good. A great time for Pinterest.

I love using my tablet for this form of entertainment. It’s large enough for a good image and I am comfy in my armchair. It is simple to register on Pinterest and is free. At first it seems you are thumbing through a mish-mash of topics, but if you use the search option you can pull up your favorite hobby, recipes, travel photos, cleaning tips…anything you can imagine. As you find something you like you can touch the “Pin it” button and you will be given options for starting folders to file all of your favorite findings in a way that you can easily find again, when you are ready to put it to use. In no time you will have so many great ideas waiting to be used that you have no excuse for ever again being bored.


Author: Marci

Having first retired from social work in 2008, I've now had time to work through seasons of all play, and seasons of part-time work, while I figured out how best to make use of my "golden" years. The internet provides so much assistance in finding unlimited ideas related to finances, hobbies, travel and staying healthy, but I soon found my passion in quilting. The vast array of techniques have resulted in seeing inspiration everywhere, and practice is always rewarded with improved skills. Of course, grandchildren and family still get priority, but I see this as a pursuit that will remain interesting into my old age.

One thought on “If You Haven’t Yet Tried Pinterest…

  1. I was late to get into social-networking generally, but I do love Pinterest. It is easy and fun.


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