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Phone to the Rescue

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Butterfly 3

Butterfly 1

Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden

As you can see by the first photo, we are still snow covered here in the middle of Michigan. I followed my own advice (per yesterday’s post) and headed out the door anyway, leaving behind all technology except my phone. It was almost left behind, as well, but made it into the coat pocket at the last minute. It was still chilly in the morning, so I listened to the call of the mall and opted for some clearance sale treasure shopping. Of course, the coupons had been left at home…but wait! I could access them through my e-mail on…the phone. It earned it’s place in my pocket.

By afternoon the day had warmed and it was time for a walk to the Dow Gardens greenhouse for the butterfly exhibit. A very nice way to bring on summer, at least for a bit. There was my phone, still in my pocket, so I could share the butterflies with you. Enjoy!IMG_20140314_132450484


Author: Marci

Having first retired from social work in 2008, I've now had time to work through seasons of all play, and seasons of part-time work, while I figured out how best to make use of my "golden" years. The internet provides so much assistance in finding unlimited ideas related to finances, hobbies, travel and staying healthy, but I soon found my passion in quilting. The vast array of techniques have resulted in seeing inspiration everywhere, and practice is always rewarded with improved skills. Of course, grandchildren and family still get priority, but I see this as a pursuit that will remain interesting into my old age.

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