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Keeping in Touch with Young Grandchildren

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Mini fun copyIt’s been a while since the last post, due to the extremely important business of making a trip to see my youngest grandchild. She now has the rapidly expanding vocabulary and grand scale emotions of the two-year-old she has just become…a wonder and a joy to behold. So, of course, it was with great sadness that I left her, thinking of all the changes she will have made by the next time we meet, in July, and wondering if she will remember anything of our last few days. With that in mind, I began to think of ways to make use of all the communication tools we now have available, to keep in touch.

First, I did some internet searching to find fun things to entertain a child of 2. There are any number of songs, stories, coloring pages and poems to forward.

Second, I made a video using my tablet. Reverse the camera toward yourself and observe the angle and lighting. (I have terrified the poor child on Skype when I don’t pay attention to those things.)

Lastly I addressed an e-mail to her mother with the video attached, and told them that I was also sending a video “gift”. If you have chosen a You Tube story video, as I did for my first message, you could send directly from there using the sideways V icon in the top right corner of the video. For coloring pages or poems, copy them and send as an attachment. You might even wish to read a chosen poem in your video, next time.

I’m guessing that there may be a way to attach both your selfie video, and your “gift” in one message, but I have not yet made that discovery. Please post a comment if you can help us out or have other ideas.


Author: Marci

Having first retired from social work in 2008, I've now had time to work through seasons of all play, and seasons of part-time work, while I figured out how best to make use of my "golden" years. The internet provides so much assistance in finding unlimited ideas related to finances, hobbies, travel and staying healthy, but I soon found my passion in quilting. The vast array of techniques have resulted in seeing inspiration everywhere, and practice is always rewarded with improved skills. Of course, grandchildren and family still get priority, but I see this as a pursuit that will remain interesting into my old age.

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