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Cell Phone as Document Saver

Don't forget you have a powerful copier right in your pocket!

Don’t forget you have a powerful copier right in your pocket!

Today I witnessed a cell phone being put to a use I had never before considered. (This is definitely the result of technology not being a part of my life since childhood. Younger folks probably reach for their phones much more frequently without giving it a thought.)

I was in a group situation and a new recipe was offered up. I reached for pen and pencil as my neighbor grabbed her cell phone and took a photo! What an obvious solution to any situation where you want a quick copy of something and there is no copier readily available. She keeps a file of such recipes on her phone, but it seems more practical to me to store it elsewhere and not clutter my phone.

In the same meeting a schedule was shared on a handwritten flip chart. How simple to take a photo and e-mail it to all! Don’t you love it when you find ways to simplify life with technology?!