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Create Your Personal Garden Resource on Pinterest

tulips After having perused many of the available gardening apps, I continue to find that creating my own gardening files on Pinterest is the most satisfying and useful way to have a readily available gardening guide. This will be filled with ideas you truly love and will have all the information you could ask for, to meet all of the needs of your particular garden.

If you have not yet set up a Pinterest account, it is simple to do, and free. Follow the instructions on that site, then you are free to search for the ideas, photos, plants, designs and how-to’s for your garden beds. When you see an item you wish to save on your “board” you touch the “Pin-it” button. A pop-up will ask where you wish to save it, and you may start a new file or choose an existing one. You will soon have your own beautiful, photo rich selection of ideas that inspire you. Happy gardening!