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Create Your Personal Garden Resource on Pinterest

tulips After having perused many of the available gardening apps, I continue to find that creating my own gardening files on Pinterest is the most satisfying and useful way to have a readily available gardening guide. This will be filled with ideas you truly love and will have all the information you could ask for, to meet all of the needs of your particular garden.

If you have not yet set up a Pinterest account, it is simple to do, and free. Follow the instructions on that site, then you are free to search for the ideas, photos, plants, designs and how-to’s for your garden beds. When you see an item you wish to save on your “board” you touch the “Pin-it” button. A pop-up will ask where you wish to save it, and you may start a new file or choose an existing one. You will soon have your own beautiful, photo rich selection of ideas that inspire you. Happy gardening!


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Using Your Computer for Creative Inspiration

image courtesy of Simon Howden/

image courtesy of Simon Howden/

Expressing our creativity, plays a key part in retaining youthfulness. I pursue many hobbies, and find that they change over time. When feeling the need for a new idea it is easy to find inspiration as close as a computer. There are numerous sites with detailed how-to instruction, and blog sites where individuals share there own particular take on a skill. Be it painting, woodworking, needlecrafts, sculpture or photography, help is always at your fingertips.

Because my favorite pursuits are so visual (quilting, embroidery, and multimedia art) I especially enjoy finding inspiration in the photography of others. This works just as well, however, when you are looking for writing inspiration. A picture can set off a new idea for for a quilt pattern, color scheme, or story line. Try looking in such places as Google Images, photography blogs, Pinterest and clip art sites. In no time you’ll have a mind full of inspiration and will be excited about beginning your new project.

Please comment if you have found inspiration for your creativity on-line.

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If You Haven’t Yet Tried Pinterest…

image courtesy of michaya kiatying-angsulee/

image courtesy of michaya kiatying-angsulee/

This will be a perfect afternoon for exploring Pinterest, if there are still some few of you who have not yet been exposed. Here in the mid-west it is STILL frigid and snowy. I’ve been out and it was fine. I brought home food for my hungry birds and squirrels. But now I’m COLD, and am content to sit in the warmth and watch them. My coffee is nearby and life is good. A great time for Pinterest.

I love using my tablet for this form of entertainment. It’s large enough for a good image and I am comfy in my armchair. It is simple to register on Pinterest and is free. At first it seems you are thumbing through a mish-mash of topics, but if you use the search option you can pull up your favorite hobby, recipes, travel photos, cleaning tips…anything you can imagine. As you find something you like you can touch the “Pin it” button and you will be given options for starting folders to file all of your favorite findings in a way that you can easily find again, when you are ready to put it to use. In no time you will have so many great ideas waiting to be used that you have no excuse for ever again being bored.